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Wifi Thermostats

Wifi Thermostat

Wi-Fi Thermostats Improve Comfort and Efficiency

The development of smart technology continues at increasingly faster rates and is making 21st century homes truly smarter, more efficient and, ultimately, more comfortable for all. Our air condition experts at Dr. Kool Air Conditioning are especially fond of the new WiFi thermostats that truly are revolutionizing home heating and cooling systems.

What WiFi Thermostats Do

A typical home thermostat is programmed to specifically control your home heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). You have to manually adjust the thermostat to adjust the output, which can lead to inefficient operation. Aside from a simple temperature setting that triggers the HVAC system when it gets either too hot or too cold, traditional thermostats require manual adjustment to work more efficiently.

A WiFi thermostat does far more by using the internet and programmable apps to control your home’s HVAC system. It enables you to remotely monitor and adjust your home’s heating and cooling systems. A WiFi thermostat also can use GPS tracking to monitor your location and automatically adjust the HVAC system to ensure optimal comfort when you arrive.

When your house or particular rooms are empty, a smart WiFi thermostat can reduce the flow in those rooms or the entire house so that your HVAC does not work more than needed. That helps to reduce energy usage while improving energy efficiency. It also saves wear and tear on your home HVAC system and gives you a better return on investment.

Examples of Quality WiFi Thermostats

A Honeywell 9000 is a good example of a WiFi-enabled thermostat that gives homeowners the ability to remotely monitor and adjust their HVAC systems with mobile technology. A cellphone running the Honeywell WiFi thermostat app will tell you the conditions inside your home and enable you to adjust them. You also can program the thermostat for maximum efficiency.

The Google Nest thermostat also is a terrific example of a current-generation WiFi thermostat that gives homeowners remote control capability while reducing energy use. It also goes a step further by using artificial intelligence to learn the usage habits. It can deliver the optimal heating

and cooling just moments before you normally arise each day, again when you leave for work and the home otherwise mostly is empty, and again when you arrive at home for the night.

Learn More About WiFi Thermostats

Our HVAC experts at Dr. Kool Air Conditioning are happy to help you to improve your home systems and make your life truly better. Remember … temperature running hot? Call the Doctor!