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Why Choose Goodman Air Conditioners?

goodman air conditioner

If you are looking for a new air conditioner or HVAC system, then you should consider going with Goodman Air Conditioners. This is an important decision, and you need to find a reliable, cost-effective solution that will keep your home cool without driving up your energy bills. That is exactly what you will get if you decide to go with Goodman Air Conditioners. What are some of the reasons why you should choose this line of air conditioners?

Factory-Installed Filter Driers

Your filters play an important role in the quality of your HVAC system. The filters are responsible for removing dust and debris from the air before it gets returned to your building. Goodman Air Conditioners have filter driers, which play an important role in your air conditioner. This filter drier will absorb residual contaminants and moisture. This allows your filters to last longer than normal, meaning you will not have to replace them as often. When your filters work properly, your air conditioner works more efficiently, helping you keep your home cool while also keeping your costs down.

Contactors That Include Lugs

You must make sure your main power wires are connected securely to the unit. If not, this could impact the durability of your HVAC system while also creating a serious safety hazard. If you decide to go with Goodman Air Conditioners, you will have contactors with lugs. These lugs are important because they safely secure your wires to the air conditioner, reducing the chances of a problem taking place. Furthermore, if something does go wrong with your air conditioner, it is relatively easy for a professional contractor to address the issue thanks to the lugs.

Louvered Coil Guards with Goodman Air Conditioners

Finally, Goodman Air Conditioners also come with louvered coil guards. Your air conditioner coils play a critical role in the function of your air conditioner. If your coils are not working properly, your AC unit will have a difficult time cooling the air. With louvered coil guards from Goodman Air Conditioners, your coils will be protected from hail, lawn equipment, sticks. This protects the coils from physical harm. With advanced protection from a louvered design, your condenser coils from Goodman Air Conditioners will perform much better than the coils that are protected by traditional wire frames. Protect your coils with a louvered design.

Call Dr. Kool Air Conditioning for Help with Goodman Air Conditioners

If you need a new AC replacement system, then you should go with Goodman Air Conditioners from Dr. Kool Air Conditioning. We always place the needs of our clients first, and we will work with you personally to make sure you find an air conditioner that will help you improve your indoor air quality. We are proud to provide Goodman Air Conditioners, and we can help you with your AC repair needs. Give us a call today to speak to a member of our team! We are confident that we can find the right HVAC system for you.