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Split AC: What They Are & Why They're Popular

split ac unit

Mini-split air conditioning units are growing in popularity for their flexibility, affordability, and ease of installation. They really are less expensive than other, more conventional, HVAC solutions. But if a Mini-split AC doesn’t suit your use case, or if you choose the wrong model, then you may end up feeling hot under the collar. Here, we’ll discuss what these units are good for and where they excel so that you can make a better Mini-split AC buying decision.

How a Mini-Split AC Works

With an ordinary HVAC system,  outside condensing unit connects to the inside unit with refrigeration lines and then moves it through a series of ducts installed in the ceiling, floors, and/or walls. They are, therefore, intimately interconnected with the building itself. This makes repairs, installations, and replacements a major undertaking.

A Mini-split AC, on the other hand, does not need complex ductwork embedded in the structure of the building. It works by moving refrigerant through insulated lines from an outdoor unit to an indoor unit. Each indoor unit is meant to condition the air in a different space. Some outdoor units are powerful enough to support as many as nine indoor units.

What a Mini Split AC Does Well

The small indoor units can be placed where you want them and can be repositioned with relative ease to meet your air conditioning needs. Each indoor unit comes with its own thermostat. That means each area where you mount an indoor unit can be customized for the purpose of the space and the preferences of its occupants.

Mini-splits are easier to install in most cases, often by far, and because they do not need to push air through long ducts, there is much less heat transfer during the process, making mini-splits much more efficient. Other “add-on” HVAC systems are less flexible, must be suspended from a ceiling, hung on a wall, or mounted flush to a drop ceiling.

Unlike window mounted units, a mini-split AC is much more secure since only a small hole must be made in an external wall. Units that occupy a window are an open invitation to burglars.

Other Considerations

Mini-split AC systems will generally cost more than a traditional system if installed to do the same job of cooling an entire house. Installation calculations must be accurate and provided by a professional contractor. Miscalculations can cause efficiency losses and short cycling. While the indoor units can be concealed beneath or behind furniture or otherwise incorporated with your interior design, some people find them aesthetically sub-optimal.

A Mini-Split AC could be the perfect solution for many homes this summer. To learn more, and get your free installation estimate, get in touch with Dr. Kool today.