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A Guide to Preparing Your AC System for the Summer Ahead

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It is a mistake to assume your air conditioning system will function without flaw after a spring, summer and fall of inactivity.  Even if you operated your air conditioning system once every couple months after summer’s end, it will still require preparation prior to the summer.  Here is a quick look at the importance of air conditioning service ahead of the blazing hot dog days of summer.

Why AC Prep is Necessary Before the Summer

If your air conditioning system is not prepared prior to the start of summer, it will not operate at the optimal efficiency.  More important is the fact that your air conditioner might endure a costly, frustrating and uncomfortable breakdown.  Making matters worse is the fact that an air conditioner that is not prepared for the summer will wear down much sooner than it should, ultimately shortening its useful lifespan.  Lean on the professionals for AC maintenance and you will rest easy knowing your home cooling system will be fully functional when the temperatures move toward the triple digits.

Prepare the Outdoor Unit

There is a common misconception that only the indoor air conditioning unit requires attention prior to the start of summer.  The truth is the outdoor condenser unit is just as important as the indoor system.  Keep in mind, this outdoor unit has been subjected to Florida’s nasty humidity and rainstorms throughout the year.  If any greenery is growing by the outdoor condenser unit, it must be cleared away so it does not prevent hot air from exiting.  If the wiring has any compromised connections, repairs must be performed.  An in-depth analysis of the outdoor condenser unit will also ensure the refrigerant line does not have a leak. 

It even makes sense to turn off the supply of power and spray dirt that has accumulated along the condenser coils.  Once all the gunk is washed away, power can be restored and the thermostat can be checked to guarantee everything is in proper working order.  Be sure to replace the thermostat batteries prior to the start of the summer and conduct a test to guarantee the outdoor condenser unit actually works in accordance with the system settings.  If it does not work, resetting the circuit breaker might do the trick.

Mind the Air Filter

Changing your air conditioning system’s air filter prior to the summer will make a significant difference in its functionality.  This project won’t bust your budget or take up an abundance of time.  Replacing a dirty or old air filter with a new one will ensure your system collects all the impurities in the air that moves through the system so you don’t end up breathing in allergens, dirt, dust and other nasty grime.  Ideally, filters will be checked and replaced once each month.

Lean on the Professionals to Prepare Your AC System the Right Way

You can only do so much on your own when it comes to prepping your AC system for the summer.  Opt for professional maintenance that checks the filters, drain lines and other subtleties of your system and you will transition to the summer in full confidence.  The experts sweat all the small stuff including catching seemingly minor yet important issues such as the build up of algae. 

An experienced AC technician will complete a diagnostic test of the system, eliminate debris and dust within your indoor AC unit, add Freon if necessary, ensure the condensate pump works properly and lubricate the system’s moving parts. Our ac service team is here to sweat all the small stuff of preparing your AC system on your behalf.  Temperature running high, call the Doctor!