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Elon Musk Discusses the Possibility of Tesla Developing a Home HVAC System

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While Elon Musk is mostly known for Tesla electric cars and PayPal, the entrepreneur is still thinking about going into the home HVAC business. Because Tesla cars have their own heating and cooling systems, this is something that could transition to the home heating and cooling arena.

Tesla has worked hard to purify the air in its vehicles, and even included a HEPA filter inside of its more expensive vehicles.

While Tesla is still working on software to update the car’s HVAC system, Elon Musk recently made waves on Twitter regarding a home HVAC system, where he stated,

“Oh man, home hvac that is super energy efficient, quiet & purifies the air would be great. We developed it for the car, but it can be scaled up for home use.”

It is clear that Musk still has some interest in the home HVAC industry, looking for ways that the car he uses in his motor vehicles might transition to the home space. He is obviously proud of the air purification system in his vehicle, going so far as to say on Twitter,

“Most people have no idea just how good the Tesla air purification system is. Literally 10X better than any other car. Maybe we should advertise informationally just so people know stuff like this exists.”

This would represent a significant change in the way Tesla handles its marketing department. The company has a famous no-advertising rule, and Tesla doesn’t buy any advertising spots.

Looking to the Possibility of a Home HVAC System for Tesla

When compared to the other items in Tesla’s lineup, getting involved in the home HVAC space could make sense. HVAC systems are significant energy consumers, and Tesla might have an efficient solution that could work well with the company’s existing home energy products.

Even though Musk has hinted that something in this area is already in the works, it doesn’t sound like the project has been given the green light just yet. As more research is done at Tesla, and as more pressure is placed on the HVAC industry to develop a more efficient solution, this could be a project down the road. Similar to the way Tesla has changed the car industry, it is possible that a Tesla home HVAC system could change the direction of this field as well.

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