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Air Conditioning Servicing: Why Do It?

AC Service

If you live in the local Southwest Florida area, then you understand that temperatures can get hot quickly. As spring continues to progress, the temperatures are only going to get warmer. Therefore, you need to make sure that your air conditioner is working. It is always better to prevent an air conditioner problem from developing than to fix one that has already arisen. If you have not turned on your air conditioner in a while because you have been using heat, you might be wondering if your AC is still working. That is where getting your AC serviced can be helpful.

Some of the reasons why you should have your AC service done at least twice per year include:

  • This helps with the buildup of algae 
  • It prevents drain lines from building up quickly in Florida 
  • Air filters need to be changed for the efficiency of the air conditioner 
  • This keeps air quality high 

If it is time for you to switch from heating to air conditioning, what are some of the tasks that will be completed? 

Change the Air Filters

First, the air filters have to be changed. If you are switching from heating to air conditioning, there is a chance that your air filters might be warped or bent. This can increase the pressure on the HVAC system, leading to Mechanical failures. Smith also allows particles such as dust, pet hair, and other contaminants to slip around the filter. This can harm the efficiency of the air conditioner. 

Clean the Coils and Fan Blades

It is also important for your coils and fan blades to be cleaned. This is something that is better left to the professionals. Usually, this requires climbing on the roof and, possibly, sliding into small spaces. Furthermore, this also requires a special cleaning solution to prevent damaging the fan itself. This is another reason why it should be left to a trained contractor. 

Clean the Ducts and Drain Lines

Finally, the ducts and drain lines also have to be cleaned as well. In other parts of the country, this is not something that has to be done as often; however, in Florida, the humidity in warm temperatures can cause a buildup of algae. The ducts and drain lines have to be cleaned regularly to prevent algae from building up, harming the efficiency of the air conditioner system. Do not let this happen to you.

Maintain Air Quality with Dr. Kool Air Conditioning

As the temperatures continue to warm up in Florida, you are going to be relying on your air conditioner now more than ever. Keep the air quality and efficiency of your air conditioner high by scheduling your air conditioner servicing today. At Dr. Kool Air Conditioning, we are here to help you! We have an unparalleled level of experience when it comes to air conditioners in the local area. It would be our honor to help you take care of your air conditioner as well. Contact us today to learn more!