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The Kool Club - AC Repair and Maintenance Program

What Can I Do to Keep My HVAC System Running at Peak Performance?


What is the Kool Club?

It is our sincere pleasure to announce Dr. Kool's re-vamped commercial and residential air conditioning service program, the Kool Club. For a low annual fee, Dr. Kool and his team of professional technicians will address and maintain the most important aspects of your home's heating and cooling system.

A truly healthy A/C system is a cost-efficient system, running at peak performance levels; it cools quickly and heats just as effectively. Any given unit's ability to do so is the direct result of consistently performing the necessary preventative maintenance required to ensure that the system has clean coils, ducts and filtering system, thus allowing for unobstructed air flow and increased efficiency. When properly maintained, not only does your system work better but airborne particles are reduced and the overall air quality in your home is increased exponentially.

As part of the Kool Club you don't have to worry about a thing…the Doctor will take care of it all!

During the annual Kool Club maintenance checks, your air conditioning system will undergo a series of tests and diagnostics to ensure that everything is running properly. Freon levels are analyzed (and, if necessary, supplemented), temperature differentials at the vent, capacitor voltage and wear and tear on your compressor are checked for issues and impending future failures.

Finally, as a member of the Kool Club you are placed in an elite group of customers that are entitled to expedited service calls over the general public and Dr. Kool will ensure that any parts that your system may require are always stocked and readily available, allowing us to get your system back up and running even that much faster!

Kool Club AC Repair
Kool Club AC Maintenance

A Few More Exclusive Benefits of Becoming a Kool Club Member Include:

  • Permanent Electrostatic Filter (retail value of $45.00)
  • One Annual Duct Cleaning (retail value of $300-$500, depending on home size)
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning on Every Visit/Service Call (retail value of $75.00)
  • Annual Full System Check-Up (retail value of $149.00)
  • Digital Thermostat (retail value of $50.00)
  • 10% OFF All Labor Performed During the Program Term
  • $250.00 OFF Any New System
  • Expedited Priority for Service Calls


Take advantage of this great offer and we will even allow you to split the payments into two installments of just $469.

Mention this program on your next service call and immediately receive 10% OFF that service call when you become a Kool Club member!