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Efficiency, Maintenance and Servicing Program

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Normally EMS stands for Emergency Medical Service. However, in the world of Dr. Kool, it is the term we use for our extraordinary consumer air conditioning Program which stands for:

Efficiency, Maintenance and Servicing Program

For a low annual fee, Dr. Kool will address these most important aspects of dealing with home cooling and heating.

First, efficiency. A healthy A/C system is a cost efficient system. It cools quickly and less often and heats just as well. This means unobstructed and cleaner coils, ducts, and filtering system. Not only does your system work better but airborne particles are reduced increasing the overall air quality of a home.

During maintenance checks, items such as Freon level checks, temperature differentials at the vent, capacitor voltage and wear and tear on your compressor are checked for issues and impending future failures.

Finally the Service aspect of the program. By being a member you are placed in an elite group of customers that are entitled to expedited services* calls over the general public and Dr. Kool will keep stocked any parts that can help you get your system up and running even that much faster!  As an added bonus, E.M.S. members will be entitled to an additional 10% discount on any and all labor charges as well as $200 of any system that has to be replaced during the term of the program.

Why would the Doctor offer such a great program to his customers? Dr. Kool is sensitive and loyal to his customer’s needs and in turn rewards his customer’s loyalty with great servicing and pricing.

A few of the items in your E.M.S. program:

  • Permanent electrostatic filter (retail value of $45.00)
  • One annual Duct Cleaning (retail value of $300 and $500, depending on home size-under 2500 square feet)
  • Dryer Vent cleaning [on every visit or service call] (retail value of $75.00)
  • Annual full system check (retail value of $149.00)
  • Digital Thermostat (retail value of $50.00)
  • 10% off any and all Labor during the Program Term
  • $250.00 off any new system.
  • Expedited Priority for Service calls.

Price just, $899

Take advantage of our offer to split the payments into two installments of just $469

Mention this program on your next service call and immediately receive 10% off that service call if you join!

Dr. Kool is serious about keeping you and your family cool and determined to give you the best service and the best prices in all circumstances.

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What Clients Say About Dr. Kool

Family owned and operated, we understand how a “hot” house can affect your comfort and your family.
We provide the quick, honest and fair service that we, ourselves, would expect.
  • Unlike the larger companies in town, of which I have dealt with most of them at one time or another,  Dr. Kool will not try to sell you something you do not need! He will arrive when he says and will fix the problem  and make suggestions that actually help. No upsells, no scary stories, just great service at reasonable prices.

  • Attention to detail.

    Todd B.
  • Awesome company always on time always delivers what you need when you need it. Very reliable honest and trustworthy. I can't think of a better air conditioning company out there. YOU ROCK Dr. KOOL!

    Racheal T.
  • Honest People!

    Laurie G.

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