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About Dr. Kool Air Conditioning

About Dr Kool

One of the earliest memories I have as a boy growing up in Savannah, Georgia is how incredibly hot the summers were. Every day I went to bed sweating, and every morning I woke up feeling the exact same and miserable! Even back then I knew that one day I wanted to work to help folks find the best, most economical ways to keep cool.

In 2000 I moved to Key West, Florida and began working for a local air conditioning company. However, after about a year, I discovered that there were some serious integrity and customer service issues with the company. This revelation did not sit well with my upbringing and personal belief system. So, I made the decision that it was time to put my own set of values and standards into practice in the HVAC industry here in Southwest Florida. A couple of years later, I had received my official credentials and began the process of starting my own residential and commercial air conditioning service and sales company.

In December of 2013, Dr. Kool Air Conditioning and Refrigeration opened for business! The foundation upon which Dr. Kool was built was the steadfast principle that honesty and integrity are the most important qualities any company can possess. Every day we work hard to earn our customers’ trust and continued loyalty by not selling them more than they need and by fixing only what needs to be fixed. If their equipment can be saved, we will save it. We do all this in the quickest and most professional manner possible because we know how important a comfortable, cool environment is in tropical Southwest Florida!

Dr. Kool Air Conditioning

Service Above Profits

By focusing on quality of work and exceptional customer service, our business reduces its negative variables while increasing the positive ones.

No Scare Tactics

The use of scare tactics or false information, in order to make a dollar, hurts everyone. Dr. Kool will never utilize such underhanded methods.

Trusted & Respected

"Do unto others" is one of Dr. Kool's founding principles. We are proud of our company's commitment to honesty, integrity and exceptional customer service.